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Everything You Need For Optimum Oral Health

High-Quality Dental Care

Receive personalized and compassionate dental care for every oral health need at East Taylor Dental Associates in Montgomery, AL. Our preventative dental services and the use of advanced technology will help you achieve your dream smile.

Whether you need a simple teeth cleaning, root canal therapy, or even a cosmetic dental procedure, our doctors are well-versed in every aspect of dental care. You can rest assured that your needs will be listened to and granted.

Teeth Cleanings & Teeth Whitening in Montgomery, AL

General Dentistry

Oral Hygiene in Montgomery, AL

Oral Hygiene

Maintaining your oral hygiene is essential to having overall positive oral health. You can prevent issues such as bone loss, tooth loss, or even gum disease. By preventing dental problems, you can avoid overall health complications and achieve the beautiful smile you deserve.

Oral Cancer Screening in Montgomery, AL

Oral Cancer Screening

As a means of preventative care, we offer oral cancer screenings to catch signs of cancer in the mouth. Detecting signs of oral cancer early enough will give us a better chance of successfully treating it. Please let us know if you would like a screening during your dental visit, and we will discuss your options.

Periodontal Treatment in Montgomery, AL

Periodontal Treatment

If you are experiencing severe infection of your gums, you may have periodontal disease. We offer periodontal treatment to help relieve your pain and prevent other health issues. There are different ways to treat the disease at home through special toothpaste, mouthwash, antibiotics, and more.

Restorative Dentistry

Root Canal in Montgomery, AL

Root Canals

Root canal therapy may become an option when a cavity or harmful source infects the center of your tooth. Save your tooth from irreversible damage with safe and effective root canal therapy. Our doctors aim to do everything they can to preserve your natural tooth when performing a root canal.

CEREC Crowns/Veneers in Montgomery, AL

CEREC Crowns/Veneers

The new CEREC CAD/CAM technology allows us to take a digital intraoral image of the prepared tooth for a crown or veneer. We place your crown or veneer in just one visit for your convenience. If you experience a crack or breakage in your tooth, a CEREC crown is an outer layer that can protect your natural tooth.

Dental Bridge in Montgomery, AL


If you have multiple missing teeth, allow us to restore your smile with a fixed dental bridge. A bridge is a natural-looking alternative to bringing back the natural and beautiful smile you once had. The bridge attaches to a crown on both sides and leaves long-lasting results. This procedure is less invasive than implants and cemented into place, so your mouth will be able to function normally.

Cosmetic Dentistry

KoR Whitening in Montgomery, AL

KöR Whitening

Restore the beauty of your smile with a KöR Whitening teeth treatment. KöR gel is placed on the tooth and absorbed to dissolve stains and improve the tooth’s ability to absorb oxygen. With a thin and comfortable set of trays, you will see results in just two weeks that will last a lifetime. You only need to wear your gel-filled trays while you sleep, so your lifestyle won’t interfere. Nearly all patients experience minimal, if any, tooth sensitivity with this whitening option.

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Botox/Juvederm in Montgomery, AL


Botox can reduce line formation in the face through various treatments. If lines are profound, we treat them with Juvéderm, which helps stimulate the body’s hyaluronic acid production. It usually lasts for 4 to 12 months, depending on the patient. Often, we can achieve the best results with a combination treatment of these two products. Botox can also be a very beneficial treatment for Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD).
Orthodontics  in Montgomery, AL


We offer clear aligner orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign and Sure Smile to correct our patients functional bite as well as give them that beautiful straight smile they desire. The clear aligners are custom designed to fit your teeth and computer-calibrated to ensure each movement is specifically personalized to your needs. It generally takes about 12 to 48 series of trays to complete the treatment depending on the complexity of your case.

Other Services

Snoring/Sleep Apnea in Montgomery, AL

Snoring/Sleep Apnea

Apnea is a Greek word meaning “want to breathe.” Sleep Apnea is a medical condition in which the ability to breathe during sleep is decreased. Mandibular advancement appliances can be fabricated for you here at East Taylor Dental. These appliances are designed to open your airway by simply moving the lower jaw forward. Research studies have shown that oral appliances are just as effective as CPAP machines in mild to moderate cases of OSA. As many as 40% of patients that have CPAP recommended to them, cannot tolerate the machine during sleep. The confinement of the machine further interferes with the patients sleep. An Oral Appliance may be an alternative way to improve your ability to breathe properly, reduce snoring and rest better throughout your sleep hours.
TMJ Therapy in Montgomery, AL

TMJ Therapy

Are you experiencing tight or locking jaw, pain at multiple sites, popping and clicking noises, limited range of jaw motion, or teeth grinding? These are all symptoms of TMJ. An in-depth examination and discussion of symptoms for each patient are necessary to provide proper treatment. Treatment goals are aimed at reducing pain symptoms and improving the functional range of jaw motion.

Sedation in Montgomery, AL


Are you nervous about seeing the dentist? Have you given up on having a healthy mouth and beautiful smile because of fear and anxiety? Our dentists can safely provide mild to moderate levels of conscious sedation through oral medications and/or nitrous oxide, depending on the patient’s need or length of appointment. We want to ensure your comfort during your visit, which is why we make it easy for anyone to achieve a beautiful smile.
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